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Managing all your Investment Needs

#southernpropertiesrentals Or rental department has the tools and know-how to manage your investment property. Our Resident Benefits Packages, Integrated Management Tools, and Affiliates and Professional Organizations, take managing your investment property to the next level. Don't settle for less than Southern Properties Rentals.

Resident Benefits Packages

MSI is one of the property management industry’s leading insurance providers underwritten by two A-rated carriers and work with property managers representing 10 million units nationwide. We’ve partnered with MSI to bring your tenants a comprehensive renters insurance solution that will take policy management off your plate so you can simplify your leasing process, save time, and make renters insurance easy and accessible for your residents. With this new offering, residents have the ability to purchase insurance policies right through Buildium’s newly redesigned resident site. Buildium’s partnership with MSI means all of your residents are pre-approved and can sign up in minutes. Residents will have the ability to choose from multiple coverage options, and choose their level of personal property coverage.

As all investors and property owners know the heating and air condition system in a property is one of the most expensive components of a home. Regular scheduled servicing of these units and clean air filters will extend the life of a system and reduce energy cost.With the SecondNature air filter subscription company, our office is able to structure a solution uniquely designed to dramatically increase rental resident compliance.Exact quantity and size of filters required for a single change are delivered to your tenants’ front door. Filters are delivered on a schedule as a timely physical reminder to change them. The filter subscription fees are paid monthly by the tenant.

PetScreening is a Pet Policy Management software. Pet-friendly housing providers use PetScreening to screen household pets, validate reasonable accommodation requests for assistance animals, and confirm every resident understands their pet policies. To facilitate the screening and validation process, PetScreening offers applicants and residents three profile types to choose from. PetScreening and Southern Properties Rentals believe in healthy and responsible pet interactions for all residents and want to help create a community that welcomes everyone to a pet-responsible environment

Buildium is a cloud-based software designed by property managers for property managers. The Buildium software follows the process of your rental, beginning with the listing and advertising, followed by tenant applications and screening.After your tenant has signed the lease, Buildium makes moving in a breeze.Tenants can set up rental payments, submit work order tasks, get renters insurance and more on their tenant portal.For Landlords Buildium has the Rental Owner Portal that will store statements and documents. Landlords tax forms are compiled and sent out using this inclusive software

Affiliates and Organizations

Our office is committed to staying current on industry news and education avenues in our field. We are members of the REALTOR® Association, BBB®, and NARPM®. The National Association of Residential Property Managers is the only national organization focused primarily on Residential Property Management. NARPM® is a Professional Organization for Property Managers across the country. As members we agree to abide by the professional and ethical standards of NARPM®

Southern Properties Rentals has been exceeding expectations in property management for over 10 years. When it’s time to sell your investment property, or buy more, look no further than our in-house sales department. RE/MAX Southern Properties has agents ready to assist you with all of your real estate needs. Nobody sells more real estate than RE/MAX®.

Integrated Management Tools

SnapInspect is a Property Inspection app that makes property ‘inspections’ a breeze.The app includes customizable checklists and the ability to capture photos and comments and store them on this great software. Property managers are able to store their reports and share with property owners. The Check lists are personalized to fit each home.Photos are dated and time stamped. SnapInspect has been an essential tool to our office for almost 10 years

We have partnered with Hunter Warfield a Nationwide Revenue Recovery Service. This service helps property management companies collect debt, after all other measures have been taken. Hunter Warfield is a technology leader and has collected property management debt for over 30 years. Older debt can be settled by reducing the debt of the principal balance due. Hunter Warfield receives a 40% contingency fee if money is collected. If the account goes to court, the contingency fee increases to 50% + court costs.

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